June 25, 2013

On Your Half Birthday

Oh Wren-bug, what a force of nature you are! I can't believe how quickly you are growing and so I tried to get some photos of you to commemorate this milestone. But, aside from a single photo included in this post, you refused to be distracted from you work. Couldn't bother to look up at me at all. It is so typical of you to be completely engrossed in your work and absolutely determined.

Sometimes I feel like I have two different daughters who both answer to the name Wren. I like to think of you as Stinker Wren and Sweetheart Wren. So here is a little update of both of those girls.

Stinker Wren:
- gives everyone a crazy glare from under furrowed brows
- continues to eat a vast array of non-edible items
- beats up on Ellie all the time. Seriously, that girl is kind of scared of you.
- refuses to eat vegetables except for very special ocassions
- watercolors inside her mouth
- has a determination that will not be swayed. (eventually this will be a great asset, but since you are a toddler, it's going on the stinker list)
- sits by the door and cries hysterically after Dad leaves the house (see above trait)
- has pooped on me more than I ever imagined a child would
- insists on doing everything herself and throws a massive fit every time I change a diaper or buckle a seat or fasten a shoe. EVERY TIME.
- walks around like she owns the place with a big gut in the front and arms swinging side to side
- spends a lot of time in time-out. It's becoming quite the game of cause and effect.

Sweetheart Wren:
- gives the most amazing kisses. Multiple kisses, without being asked - it's a heart melter.
- talks up a storm with adorable phrases like, "Oh, my" and "I want stah-bellie!" (strawberry)
- pretends to be a dog by crawling on the ground, barking and panting
- still wraps her tiny arms around our necks and legs to give big hugs
- is smart as a whip and tries her best to keep up with Ellie
- waves goodbye when we say goodnight and smacks her lips for one more kiss
- sings softly to herself in the backseat
- pushes her face right against mine and giggles from the gut
- loves to tickle people and brush hair
- squeals for Dada when he gets home - makes him feel like a total rockstar
- signs "again" every time she likes something. How could I not accommodate?

Remember how you stood alone on that beach forever while we all called your name?
Absolutely refusing to come until you were good and ready - that's the stinker I love.

Dearest Wren, on your half birthday I hope you know that I love you with my whole heart. You fill our lives with joy and adventure and more laughter and head shaking than we ever anticipated. Stay the course my little firecracker - it is a thrill to watch you grow. Big smooches forever!


  1. Oh I am so excited to meet her!!! And all these pictures are making me completely homesick for the Northwest. I can practically smell the rocky beach and seaweed.

  2. I feel like both of your girls are going to have me under their spell as soon as we meet. And I feel like Wren would have a special connection with Manu - he still eats rocks. Part of me wishes I was bringing him along to meet your girls!

  3. I love her! The stinker kids are the best even if trying at times.