May 18, 2011

Me and Her (is that grammatically correct?)

I've made a new goal (it's very informal) to be in more photos with my daughter.  Even if I'm not dressed up, even if they're totally blurry and have funky exposure, even if both our faces don't fit in the frame.

I want to remember our time together - the time when it was me and her.
What about you, fellow mama bloggers - will you join me in this challenge?  I want to see pictures of you and your babes.  Put them up on your blog, send me a link, let's document this motherhood thing!


  1. I love it! I'll see what I can do...

  2. Great idea! I need to work on that one.

  3. you are the cutest pair. I'm going to join you in your picture goals.
    p.s. thank you for being so sweet and thoughtful with the photo you sent me.

  4. Done. I cheated a little because we were actually dressed up to go shopping when I remembered to take some pictures (not on purpose). I'll have to do another one with the true everyday us. It will involve non-showeredness/bathness, hair in a bun, no make-up, and cheetah print pjs. Rarr.

  5. This is a great idea. I have almost no pics of me with any of the kids unless it is a group picture or family photo. Good idea. Go girl!
    Love you all,

  6. Katie and Rachel - you both did an AWESOME job with the challenge and it brightened my day to see photos of you with your babes.