November 17, 2010

Ellie at 9 months

Would you like to see some photos of Ellie when she was 9 months old?

OK, but I have to warn you that 9 month Ellie was very different from any younger version of Ellie.
9 month Ellie was no longer enjoying formal photo shoots - dang it!
9 month Ellie had more energy than all the other months combined.
9 month Ellie loved pop-up books for all the wrong reasons.
9 month Ellie rebelled against all fashion advice and wore fleece polka dot pants with stripey socks and dress shoes.
She also broke cleanliness protocol by sitting on the ground in NYC, but that's not really new.
9 month Ellie was still the cutest, climbing-est, happiest baby around.
And no, she doesn't actually have clown feet - just a lot of time to grow into her shoes.
9 month old Ellie also grew some longer hair, which means I need to learn how to style it.
She's already got a love for photography and photography gear.  Warms my heart.
I am so blessed to have this sweet girl in my life.  She challenges me every day to be better, more patient, more creative, more positive.  I learn so much as I try to teach her and I know my life is fuller because she is my daughter.  9 month Ellie was pretty great, but so far, 11 month Ellie is the best!

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