November 18, 2010

Dear World's Biggest Cockroach,

I'd be lying if I said I missed you or that I'm sorry you are dead.
So why am I writing?

Well, I thought you should know that even months after your departure from this cruel world, I still think of you.  I shiver as I recall our encounter.  I thought it might bring you some peace to know that though you are gone, you are never forgotten.

You fought bravely - you were clever and fast.  Your will to live was admirable.  But in the end, I was the bigger contender.    You should know that your last few moments of life made and indelible impression on me.  I was too distraught to record the whole fight, but I did make a video of the first few moments I saw you.  

I hope you will consider it my tribute.

Respectfully yours,


  1. Okay, that is DISGUSTING! That thing is GIGANTIC! And your clever humor doesn't take away from the creepy-crawlies the video gave me.

  2. That is huge!!! It must have flown up from Texas...

    And major applause for getting it yourself. I would have screamed and ran away.

  3. I'm imagining this video ending in a scream as the cockroach fell off the wall. I still haven't gotten over the size of roaches here - thankfully I don't see many in our apartment. They give me the willies every time.