October 15, 2010

The Marshall Family

The reason we went to D.C for Labor Day (aside from the obvious need to fall in love with a city of white stone) was to visit our good friends the Marshalls.  We were blessed to meet the Marshalls during our time at BYU, and now that we're all on the east coast we've decided the occasional visit is a must.  Andrew and Ariel are just great!  We loved the time we spent with them and their sweet boys.  They were so great to let us stay with them and to show us all around the city - I had to return the favor with a little family photo shoot.
We took the photos at the Washington D.C. Temple.  It was absolutely breathtaking!  The grounds are beautiful and the building itself just towers over you - it is overwhelmingly beautiful.  I can't tell you how small I felt standing outside this building.
Andrew, Ariel, Abe, and Ben - thank you so much for a wonderful time!  We loved every minute of it and are eager for you to visit us up here soon.  D.C. is lucky to have such a good looking and patriotic family as you.  See what I mean:

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  1. Amazing! This is the temple Logan and I were married in. So beautiful! I'm glad you got to go and see it! I love all of your pictures! I also loved your D.C. post--what a great city! I miss the east coast! I'm glad you are enjoying it:)