October 14, 2010

A Capitol Time

A million years ago (around Labor Day to be exact) Joe and Ellie and I took a trip down to Washington D.C.  It was my first time to the nation's capitol and I loved every minute of it.  What a great city!  So clean, so free, sooo not New York.

My two favorite things were the National Archives and the Lincoln Monument.  I photographed Mr. Lincoln on film, so it could be awhile before you see those images.  Here are some digital shots I snapped while we walked around downtown.
Nothing says USA like the good 'ol I-R-S.
I love how every building along the mall has a mission statement on the side - it inspires me.
Above is the IRS building.  It reads:
"Taxes are what we pay for a civilized society."
I agree, but for the amount of taxes I pay it would be nice to have a little more civility.
"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."
I just love photographing white stone.  Which is perfect because D.C. has no shortage.  I love the formal nature of it, the solemnity and hints of academia.  I love the balance of light and shadow, of simplicity and ornamentation.  I love how it stands still and waits for you to focus.  Ha!  I could seriously photograph statues and buildings all day.  Plus, even the most solemn works of stone make you smile:
Basically, I fell head over heels for Washington D.C.  Everything is so nice there - even the birds.  Take this little guy for example.  The pigeons in my neighborhood would tear his sweet feathered behind to pieces.  He belongs in a nice place like D.C - where everything's free and the streets are clean and the people smile.  Maybe I'll join him one day.  But for now, I'm just really glad we live close enough to visit.
Ellie has a goal to consume applesauce in front of every famous monument we visit.  It's cute.
All-American Dad, and proud of it.


  1. Cool shots. I've always wanted to visit DC. Glad you liked it so much. It makes me want to visit it more.

  2. If you want to visit again soon I'll be there for all of November, or maybe a visit to New York is in order...I'm glad you liked DC- it's my favorite city, but I guess I'm a little biased.