July 14, 2010

High - Low

When I was in high school we had a neighbor-lady who let my younger sister attend her in-home preschool for a couple hours each day.  Upon return, my sister taught us something that she had learned called "sharing your high/low."  Now, my family never stuck with traditions for very long - but for a time every night at dinner we would go around the table and each person would tell the best and worst parts of their day.

If nothing else it was a good way to start conversation: "Man, and I thought my day was bad.  Yours really sucked."  These were our early attempts at empathy.

Well, I'd like to revive the tradition on this little blog.  So here goes:

The best part of my day was meeting a new friend at the park

The worst part of my day was giving Ellie the titty-twister from Hell.
it was really awful
you know those pacifier clips (so the baby doesn't lose the binky)?
i thought i was clipping it to her shirt
i thought there was just a gather of fabric
turns out that was her teeny tiny baby breast
she screamed
i freaked out
she cried
i cried
and now i think she's all better, but i'm scared to ask
i just don't want to bring it up

So that's a pretty good sampling of my day.  And since I mentioned Ellie - how about a bunch of photos from happier days - her first boat ride out to Staten Island.
She was very excited.  So excited, in fact, that she started to shriek.
You can see her shrieking face just above.
Then she closes her eyes because she startles herself with her own noise.
Below is the face she usually wears - feels like she's always questioning me about something.
And she has discovered her tongue.  I'm talking hours of entertainment here.

P.S.  Can anyone think of a better way of saying "high-low?"  It just feels so pessimistic to end on the low note, but "low-high" just doesn't have the same ring.  Would it ring better if I changed the the spelling to "lo-hi?"  Or should I just call it the bi-polar recap and be done with it?
Taking suggestions from the peanut gallery.


  1. What happened! She's growed up! And she's adorable! It's rare that I (Andrew) use that word, but she really is. You're definitely coming down here for Labor Day.

  2. As painful as the experience sounded it was hilarious to read about! Plus your cutie pants daughter has the biggest-full-of-life eyes I've ever seen!

  3. I feel bad for the little sweetheart but I just about died laughing. I vote for calling it the bi-polar recap. You were meant to blog my dear.