July 12, 2010

By way of introduction...

My name is Whitney Hardie - full time wife and mother, part time photographer.  Wannabe writer, decorater, singer, awesome crafter.  Lover of the internet and its many treasures.  Latter-day Saint (faithful, active - whatever you call it), though often irreverent.  Survivor of "colorful" family background, perpetuator of the crazy gene.  Guilty of cracking myself up.  Absolutely no grasp of grammatical rules - obviously.

That feels a bit like a personal ad, but I always struggle with introductions.

We (myself, Joe and baby Eleanor) have moved to Manhattan.  This is a blog about our adventures in New York City.  It's a blog about what we do to "make it" here.  How we make it our home, how we make our dreams come true, how we make it fun and interesting, and totally worth the insane amount of rent we are paying.

And let's be honest, it's about whatever mundane thing I want to write about - because it's mine.

This is my blog.
Visitors Welcome.

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