June 8, 2011

Summer Bucket List

It was a whopping 95˚ today in New York City.  If you have central air conditioning, please take a deep breath of it for me.  I seriously have such a love affair with my window AC unit that I would run away and marry it if Joe would allow.  Anyway, summer is here to stay and I thought I'd list the adventures I hope to have this year.

- Trip to the Bronx Zoo
- Swim lessons and multiple afternoons at the neighborhood pool
- Coney Island
- Row the boats in Central Park (possible reschedule for Fall if the heat is too oppressive)
- Ride bikes around Governor's Island
- Visit Niagra Falls
- Hardie family vacation to Bear Lake
- See the PostSecret exhibit at the MoMa

And on days when we're not having giant adventures, Ellie and I will be hitting up various parks around town.  Today we welcomed summer by heading to "dolphin park" by our house.  So named because of a dolphin statue that sprays water.  It's a toddler paradise.
This is the only photo with a glance in my direction AND half a smile.
She was way too busy having fun to bother posing for pictures.

Below you will see a number of things:
- the famed dolphin
- Ellie's preference for staying out of the spray and playing in puddles
- calf high water socks that are sure to be all the rage later this year
- Ellie's continued obsession with dogs, even plastic ones
The end.  (get it?)


  1. That kid is cute! I can't believe I didn't get to see her today. I love her and I love those super long water shoes. They remind me of something a super stylish woman in the 30's would wear.

  2. I love that you put a bow in her hair with the adorable swim-suit. Fashion never stops :)

  3. She is so adorable. Love the swimsuit! And I've never seen calf high water shoes but Ellie wears them well! Makes me want some for when I play at the park in the puddles!

  4. So what are these water socks -- are they actually aquatic footwear or just cotton that is wet? Whatever it is, I'm on board!

    And I have heard that summers in NYC are sticky and humid: true or false? If that's the case, I will send you dry summer thoughts.

  5. Gad she is cute! And I LOVE the socks! I need to add those to my rafting wardrobe. Sounds like a sweet summer.
    Thanks for the quote in the previous post.

  6. Cute, cute, cute! Do you think those socks come in extra-wide men's sizes? I'm pretty sure Nate needs some.

    I can't wait to hear about your summer adventures! Nate and I just made a plan to make use of our newly acquired car to get out and see the sights more often too!

  7. In answer to some questions - yes the socks are actual aquatic socks, pretty cool.

    New York summers ARE hot and sticky and generally miserable in terms of weather. Luckily every park has water in the summer.

    And Ellie's pink bow...she insists on wearing it just about every day. It's becoming a trademark.