August 14, 2012

Getting Our Feet Wet

Just here to check in with everyone. Yes we made it to Ithaca, and it is the place of our dreams!  There hasn't been time for blogging because we are too busy soaking in everything this town has to offer. We've visited the farmer's market, local waterfalls, botanical gardens, free music in the center of town, and just today we went blueberry picking.

Don't worry - there's a whole post lined up about that.

I wanted to let you know all know that we are busy settling in and we're all happy and excited for our new adventure. The walls in our apartment have a new coat of paint, and I even planted my own little balcony garden. Really, life is full of the most remarkable beauties. I feel blessed to see them each day.
Wren has been soaking up the time with her great-grandma.
I've been wearing the friendship bracelet Holly sent me, 
to remind myself that good friends can be found anywhere.
Look at my little beans! I am so proud of them.

And now a quick question for my photographer friends out there: The last two posts have featured photos from my new camera (hooray for upgrading!) and the file sizes are so big that when I size them down for the blog they seem hyper-sharpened.  They look digi-sharpened.  I like a bit of a softer look - or at least I'd like to still have a reason to use unsharp mask now and then.  Do you guys notice this?  Have you had any similar experiences?  What is your advice?

I'll be back soon to check in.  Meanwhile - come visit me!  I promise you'll love it here.