June 20, 2011

Father's Day Tribute

First of all, Ellie knows she's not allowed to play in the windowsill.  And she gets REALLY upset when you catch her and make her get down.
But she is easily consoled if you give her a camera and let her photograph her dad.  (who, by the way, is the best dad in the world)  Those of you who know how heavy my camera is may wonder how this is possible.  Well, we put the camera on the bed, Ellie sits behind it and bends forward until her forehead is touching it (she doesn't necessarily put her eye to the viewfinder), then she yells "cheese" and hits the shutter.   I'm really fond of the results.  Here friends, is my dear Joe, as only his daughter can capture him.
whoops, someone needs the auto focus adjusted.
getting closer...
There he is!
Here's looking at you, Joe, and some of the reasons why you're the best dad in the world:
- you love your wife and child
- you show this love every day
- you work really really hard to support our family
- you do the dinner-bath-bed routine like a champ
- you never lose your temper
- you let Ellie puke all over you that night she was sick
- you play chase and tickle better than anyone
- you gently lead with a righteous example
- you are always up for fun family time
Ellie, just look at that list up there!
We really hit the jackpot with this one.


  1. Way to teach her young about photography! And we agree, Joe rocks!

  2. That tiny baby is my fav little New Yorker! And Joe is also super awesome! Happy Fathers Day!