February 5, 2014

Ellie turns 4

Well, Eleanor, you did it! You turned four years old. We had such a fun time on your birthday I just thought I'd jot down a few details so we can remember them together in years to come. Look at that birthday cake! Your dad always claims cake making duty and this year we had conflicting visions about the cowgirl cake. I wanted a cheerful looking corral scene and he preferred the drama of a hopeless quagmire. We compromised and it was delicious of course.

You are soooo into cowboy things right now. Toy Story is your favorite movie and you love to wear your jeans, "cowgirl" shirt and boots every chance you get. So this theme seemed perfect for a fourth birthday party.
You had friends from church and school, plus two of your favorite babysitters (Caitlin and Lara) in attendance. We all munched on chips and salsa, fruit and pigs in a blanket.
Jessie was easily the favorite gift you received - thanks Marshall family! As I write this, two months after the fact, she continues to be your preferred companion everywhere you go. You also loved the piggy bank we gave you, the real cowgirl hat, and the stuffed horse you received. You insist on wearing the horseshoe necklace Lara gifted you every day - we've finally convinced you not to sleep with it at night. And while the gifts were very exciting, I think the highlight of everyone's party experience was that crazy pinata.
The thing seriously would not break! Even after every kid had a chance at it. We gave you and Ella (your friend with most damaging swing) two chances at it - barely a dent. Finally, the hook just came out of the ceiling and the pinata fell intact to the floor. You gave it a couple good whacks, but your heart wasn't in it. I mean, who wants to beat a dead horse? So Dad and I pulled it apart in a tug of war and all the kids collected the prizes. 

I always want to remember the way you rushed in - so excited for candy. Immediately you grabbed a pink bouncy ball and took a sizable and disappointing bite out of it. I was laughing so hard! Everyone left with stickers, tattoos, candy and erasers.
It was a very fun party for a fun-loving girl. I'm so glad we could celebrate this day together.
I love you so much, little darlin'.


  1. Oh goodness, she is such a cutie! She must be so much fun to play with. I hope our kiddos get to have some good time to play someday! Happy way belated bday Ellie! And I love Wren's face in the first picture-clearly not impressed that all the hoopla was not about her. I love you and your family!

  2. I second Karen's comment about Wren. Too funny! This whole post made me smile. Especially the picture of Ellie looking up at that pinata. I love you guys!

  3. Gosh she looks like you. SO, so cute!